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    It is important to turn in assignments in a timely fashion.

    Sometimes, you forget to do an assignment.  If you do not have an assignment when it is due, you may turn it in the next day - but 10 points will be subtracted from what you earn on the assignment.  If you are two days late, 20 points will be subtracted and if you are three days late 40 points will be subtracted.  After three days, you will receive a zero on the assignment.  The above policy is for individual work (work that can be done alone).  

    Sometimes, you cannot be here because you are ill.  In that case, you will be allowed to turn in individual work assignments for excused absences up to three days after you return from your absence with no penalty. After that time, the work will be considered late and the above deductions will start.  (Note: if the homework was assigned before your absence, you should make every effort to turn that in the first day you are back).   Please note that assignments missed due to unexcused absences will not be accepted.   Bring your notes to the front office directly on your return so that your absences may be excused.

    Many of our assignments in Theatre are done as a team.  These include group projects, scene work, and practicum work.  They are addressed below:

    Group Projects - are any classroom assignments worked on as a team (except scenes).  If you make it back while we are still doing that project, you will be worked into a team and given credit for the work you were able to contribute.  If not, you may be asked to do the project (or a modified version of it) on your own.

    Scene work - is vital to our study of acting, especially in the higher level classes.  Your absence usually cannot be made up.  If you are absent on a scene rehearsal day, your partner may be reassigned.  Upon your return, you may be paired with a new partner, or asked to do a monologue (solo performance).  Sometimes neither of those options are viable (if the nature of the scene work does not readily lend itself to quick partner reassignment, or if a monologue is an insufficent substitute for the scene in question).   In that case, an alternate grading will have to apply (see * below).

    Practicum - is the practical, "hands-on" portion of the class, where we address the technical needs of an actual production.  These cannot be made up, so the following grading will apply:

    * Because some missed days are inevitable (illness, doctor's visits, etc.) each student is given three grade exemptions that can be applied to either scene work or practicums only.  These are put into the grade book by the teacher in the order they occur.  For example, If the student misses two days in a row where scene work is done, the first two exempt grades will be applied to the scene work days.  If a subsequent absence is during a practicum day, the third and final exempt grade will be given for that.  After the three exemptions are applied, the grade entered for that assignment will be a 50%.  Due to the collaborative nature of our study, it is imperative that students be present and actively engaged.  That being said, the above system works out fairly.  If the student misses, say, six days, the effect of the three 50% grades will not be sufficient to lower the student's grade substantially (given the number of grades assigned).  On the other hand, if students are chronically absent, they will be missing the vital teamwork lessons the theatre affords, and their grades will reflect that. 

     Sometimes, no one can be here because of the weather!  We are using Google Classroom this year, especially on days where we are cancelled due to inclement weather!  Assignments will be posted online and work will be completed in this fashion.


Last Modified on January 15, 2019