• Math  

    Brittany Jennings

    Phone Number:  (252) 232-3107

    Email:  bjennings@currituck.k12.nc.us

    Room:  A6

    Orientation Presentation




    1st Period:  Planning

    2nd Period:  Math 2 Honors

    10th Grade Seminar

    3rd Period:  Math 2 Honors

    4th Period:  Math 2 Honors

    Lab Facilitator for COA MAT171 & MAT172


Ms. Jennings
  • About Ms. Jennings

      I am so excited to start my fourth year at J.P. Knapp.  This will be my ninth year teaching high school math.  I am an ECSU graduate with a Bachular's Degree in Mathematics.  I have taught at John A. Holmes High School, Albemarle School and Pasquotank County High School before coming to J.P. Knapp.  

      In my spare time I enjoy painting door hangers, reading and crocheting.  I enjoy the girl time I have with my 31 business.  I became a consultant in 2011 when I was unable to find a teaching job.  I have enjoyed going on cruises.  I have been on 3 so far and looking forward to going on my next cruise in June 2021.

      We are going to have an AWESOME year in Math class whether it is remote or face-to-face.