• Student Promotion and Accountability Policy (#3420)
    Teachers will be responsible for notifying the parent of any student who fails to satisfy any of these requirements. Teachers will also inform parents of re-assessment and remediation opportunities outlined in this policy.  Principals have the authority to promote or retain students based upon the standards established by the board and any applicable standards set by the State Board of Education.  Parents have the right to appeal promotion decisions to the Superintendent following the process outlined in Policy 3420.  

    Assistance to Students At Risk (#3405)
    MES, along with Currituck County Schools policies, follow a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) that uses data-driven problem-solving and research-based instructional practices for all students. The district and schools will establish processes and standards for addressing concerns about student performance and for documenting student responses to research-based instruction and interventions within the MTSS. Using information about the student’s response to instruction and/or interventions and other student performance data, school personnel must identify students at risk of academic failure annually and as early as reasonably may be done, beginning in kindergarten.
    School administrators and teachers will address the needs of students identified as at risk of academic failure through the supports available in the MTSS and/or other processes established by the district. The parents or guardians of such students will be invited to be involved, through oral or written communication or other means, in the implementation and review of academic and/or behavioral interventions for their children. Students must meet teaching standards and attendance standards for promotion in grades K-8, unless otherwise provided for under state or federal law or this policy. Additionally, students are subject to the Read To Achieve requirements to be promoted to fourth grade. Read to Achieve Legislation sets specific pathways for 3rd graders to demonstrate reading proficiency necessary for promotion.
    Reading Camps
    The district will provide reading camp opportunities as required by law at no fee for students who have not yet demonstrated reading proficiency on a third grade level at the end of third grade and (as space allows), for first and second grade students whose demonstrated reading comprehension is below grade level.