• Please note arrival/dismissal changes beginning the 2017-2018 school year.  

    Morning carpool:
    Beginning this school year, the carpool line will begin at the side door of the gym, looping around the parent parking lots to ease morning traffic jams and to allow ease of access.  After being dropped off at the door by the gym, car riders will report directly to homeroom to check-in.  Any student arriving after 7:50am will need to be escorted into the building to be checked in by the parent.
     Afternoon Pick-up:
    In the afternoons, teachers will escort car riders to the parking lot where they will verify parent/guardian ID if  parent is not recognized.  Kindergarten students will need to be signed out the first two weeks of school.  Students who have not been picked up by 2:30 will be escorted to the front office, where the teacher will attempt to contact the parent.
    Student Check-out/Release:
    Because safety is our #1 concern at all times, except in the most extreme circumstances, custody of a student shall not be relinquished to any person without the prior approval of the parent or guardian who has physical custody of the student. In this instance, the authorized parent or guardian is assumed to be the person who initially enrolled the student in school unless the school has been notified otherwise. If the parents are divorced or separated, the student may be released to either parent, unless the principal has been provided with a copy of a court order or agreement that specifies otherwise. If the principal or designee judges that the student's health or safety may be harmed by releasing the  student, the principal shall contact law enforcement and/or the department of social services as appropriate.
     MES Bus Transportation 
    Beginning 2017-2018 school year, the parking lot by the cafeteria will be for bus parking and drop-off only.  Students will be unloaded by the cafeteria in the mornings, and teachers will walk their classes to the bus lot in the afternoons.  All students utilizing bus transportation at any time during the school year should ride it the first week of school – morning and afternoon.  This will assist the children, bus drivers and school staff in getting everyone on the correct buses in the afternoons of the first few days.  Kindergarten students particularly need to ride the bus the first days so they can be tagged with their bus number when they arrive at school.  **Also, please remember that if a student does not ride the bus for two consecutive weeks, he/she will be removed from the bus roster.
    Transportation Changes:
    If, on any day during the year, there is a change in the child's usual transportation routine, you must send in a note to the school or call the office (435-6521) before 2:00pm with specifics.