• Inclement Weather in Currituck County
    (Snow, Fog, Torrential Rain/Nor'easter)
    From time to time throughout the school year, inclement weather may affect the start or end times of the school day.
    The Currituck County Schools administration takes inclement weather conditions very seriously and works closely with the Currituck County Emergency Management Department to stay abreast of any possibility of severe weather. When the threat of inclement weather has the potential to interfere with school, school system officials receive alerts from Emergency Management Communications Dispatch, who receive reports on road conditions from deputies on patrol throughout the county. Along with these alerts, officials consult with designated staff members across the county regarding conditions and reviews weather forecasts and/or current radar conditions from multiple outlets (NOAA, AccuWeather, Weather Underground, local weather stations) before making decisions to close or delay school. Alerts and the monitoring of conditions often begin in the very early morning hours to determine if a delay or closing needs to be made.
    In order to make a delay or closing call in adequate time for the bus drivers to receive notification not to start their routes, decisions about weather delays must be made by approximately 4:30 a.m. Automated phone messages announcing delays or closures will be launched as soon as possible, but not before 5:30 a.m. News stations, Currituck County Schools’ Facebook page and website will post announcements as soon as a decision is made. In many cases, weather can change drastically between 4:30 a.m. and the start of the school day, making it a difficult decision as to whether or not school should start on time. Also, geographically speaking, Currituck County faces issues that other neighboring counties do not. Because of Currituck’s distance from one end of the county to the other, weather conditions may be vastly different from the northern tip to the southern end.
    When reports and forecasts are consistently predicting inclement weather, school officials may make the call for a delay or closure in advance of the weather’s arrival. This is done out of consideration for parents who may need time to make arrangements for child care or with their employer in order to ensure children are not left unsupervised during a delay or closure. It’s always important to remember that as a parent, you know what is best for your child and your individual situation.  
    If you feel that weather conditions in your area may jeopardize your ability to travel, we urge you to make the best decision in the interest of your children. We will excuse tardiness for these types of decisions. We just ask that you send a note with your child if his or her reason for tardiness is because of inclement weather. Again, we encourage parents to visit Currituck County Schools’ Facebook page and our district’s website where emergency closing and delay announcements will be posted.