Room 11 - A safe, comfortable and home-like environment





    The children  in my classroom will have the opportunity each day to choose the type of seat he/she wishes. Each seat in our room moves and allows the students the opportunity to be active while they learn. Since introducing active seating in my classroom, the differences are incredible! The students enjoy learning more! They are on task and more engaged. The kiddos can stay focused longer and exercise their core while getting their wiggles out. We use Stability Balls, Ergo Ergo Seats, Wobble Seats, Zenergy Balls,Runtz Chairs,  Bouncy Bands, Scoop Rockers, Roller Boards, Wiggle Seats, a Rock and Roll Stepper, and we even have a couple RODY Max bouncy horses!   These 2nd grade students don't have to give wiggling and moving another thought or worry in our classroom. They are encouraged to move!  Students easily  focus on learning while they wiggle in a seat that best suits his/her needs.  Of course we have traditional chairs in the classroom as well if a child prefers, but so far, those chairs end up sitting empty all day.





Last Modified on August 13, 2021