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    Family Enrichment Ideas 

    • Read together everyday--Make it fun.  Read outside, under the table, behind the couch etc... Make it fun!  
    • Get Cooking! Mmmmm! 
    • Eat a meal together.  Your children would love to tell you all about their day as you enjoy a meal together. 
    • Volunteer together...The animal shelter kittens would love for you to visit them. 
    • Plant something or make a small garden. 
    • Have a Dance Party.. Turn up some kid friendly music and get your groove on!
    • Draw, color or paint a self-portrait! 
    • Start a family game night and take out some board games.
    • Have a movie night. Get a cozy blanket and some popcorn.
    • Take a walk outside.  Talk about what you are seeing.
    • Go to the park.
    • Take a bike ride.
    • Take a nature walk.
    • Visit your local library.

    ***Always feel free to take a picture or write down what you do as a family so your child can share their experience with us!



Last Modified on June 5, 2019