• Chemistry:
    Welcome to Chemistry! I am excited to show you the wonderful world of chemistry.  Most students think "Chemistry is Hard!" My goal is to show you that it really is NOT hard! That being said, you have to work outside of the four walls of our classroom.  Just because you don't have written homework, does not mean you don't have homework.  You should review, rewrite, relearn everything that we did in the class that day at home!  If you ever have questions, please email me or call me! 
    Although I try to stay on this timeline, lesson plans are tentative and may need to be altered due to inclement weather and/or the need for more or less instruction in a specific area.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me at anytime.
    Please fill out this Contact Information Form after reading the syllabus and lab safety.  Lab Safety  
Last Modified on August 6, 2020