• Sports Medicine III

    Year Long Course


    Sports Medicine III is a course that provides a global exploration of fundamental injury rehabilitation topics facing students today. The course deeply explores the injury rehabilitation process including full understanding of tissue healing and modalities. In addition, the student will demonstrate how both these and the required components of a complete rehabilitation plan is taken into account while addressing specific injuries and conditions. Small student learning groups will learn economic management skills in creating an athletic training room supply list that will require adherence to a budget and being creative in money-saving strategies.
    Clinical Rotations 
    Students are required to attend practices and/or games this school year. After each day spend in the athletic training room or at practices/games, students are required to log their time. Students are required to have at least 5hours documented on their time logs by the end of each week. These hours count for 100% of each nine weeks grade. Students are required to summarize the activities of the athletic trainer, athletes, tasks they completed and what they learned. Students who are athletes cannot use their own team's games or practices for hours. A schedule will be created that will maximize the students ability to achieve their weekly hour requirement once the number of students in the course has been determined. You are considered higher level students and therefore will be assigned a team that you will be responsible for. 



Last Modified on June 19, 2018