• AP Gov. Blog #2.

    Posted by JOANNA BLUME on 9/13/2022

    Recently in class we discussed the meaning of political power and how political power is distributed in our democracy. We have discussed the legitimacy of power and explored the composition of the political elites who are involved in the struggles over policy. When I read this week’s article I couldn't help but think about this power struggle and how power is distributed in our democracy.  With that being said, for this week’s blog I would like you to read the article below and answer the following questions:

    Q1.Do you agree or disagree with Rosenberg’s assertion that democracy in America and the West is falling? Support your answer.

    Q2.  In reference to democracy falling, Rosenberg states, “We’re to blame.  As in 'we the people'.” Why do you think he is laying the blame at our feet?

    Q3. What does this article suggest to you about the distribution of power in our democracy?


    The End of Democracy


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  • AP Gov. Blog # 1.

    Posted by JOANNA BLUME on 8/28/2022

    Blog Week 1:

    Welcome back for your senior year! I will post a blog every other Sunday on a topic related to our readings, discussions and course objectives.  It will be YOUR responsibility to comment on the article BEFORE Friday at midnight.  Each comment will be worth 10 points. Comments posted after Friday at midnight  will be subject to the late work policy. Responding to each post is not an option. I expect each and every one of you to comment on each and every topic. To get full credit, you also must read the article and react to all questions posed in the blog post.  Failure to do so will result in points being deducted from your grade. I also insist that you use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

    Our first discussions will center on the definitions of power, authority and legitimacy. We will also focus this week on the types of power. One type of power we will discuss is pluralist power; whereby many groups compete for power so no one group has complete control. Many Americans like to believe this is the perfect theory when it comes to our country. I think it helps us somehow sleep better at night knowing that power is watered down so there is no one "Big Brother." So, let's test this theory. Who is really calling the shots and wielding power in our country? Read the article below, then come back here and comment on all of the following:

    1. Does this study surprise you? What are your fears if the findings are true?
    2. In the article it states “Ordinary citizens in recent decades have largely abandoned their participation in grassroots movements. Politicians respond to the mass mobilization of everyday Americans as proven by the civil rights and women's movements of the 1960s and 1970s. But no comparable movements exist today. Without a substantial presence on the ground, people-oriented interest groups cannot compete against their wealthy adversaries.” Given that this article  was published in 2014, do you still believe this to be the case? Explain your thoughts.
    3. Many presidential candidates campaign on the promise that they "Can't be bought" and will truly represent the will of the American people. Now that President Biden has been in office for almost two years, do you feel that he is representing the will of the majority of people, or the will of particular groups?  Explain.

    Who Rules America?

    This article is based on a study of data. Click here if you want to read this study.


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