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    We are looking forward to a stimulating year!

    In the Language Arts Department:
    Eighth grade Language Arts will be focusing on the mastery of reading comprehension. Students will be asked to read an assortment of texts ranging from short stories, to novels, to poetry, and even some articles to help their understanding of the English language. Our primary goal for the year is to ensure that students are able to recall information from texts, cite sources while doing research, think critically about what the author is saying, and being able to relay information to others in a clear and concise manner. Analysis, communication, documentation, and interpretation will be the key features learned throughout the school year. 
    In the Mathematics Department:
    Common Core 8th Grade Mathematics- Will deal with the Real Number System, understanding rational and irrational numbers and approximating irrational numbers.  Another strand deals with Statistics and Probability, as statistics relate to investigating patterns of association in data .  The Geometry Strand includes understanding similarity and congruence, understanding and applying the Pythagorean Theorem, and solving problems involving the volume of cylinders, cones and spheres.  In the Expressions and Equations strand we will work with radicals, integer exponents, solve linear equations and inequalitiesand understand the connections between proportional relationships, lines and linear equations.  Finally in the Functions strand we will define, evaluate and compare functions and use functions to model relationships between quantities.  
    Common Core Math 1Common Core 1 Will deal with The Real Number System , extending properties of exponents to rational exponents. We will look for structure in expressions, interpreting the structure and writing expressions in equivalent forms.  We will create and reason with equations and inequalities, being and to create equations describing relationships, solve equations explaining the process, and represent solved equations graphically.  Another part of the course is to interpret functions, use functional notation, interpret and analyze functions using different representations, and build a function modeling a relationship. Operations using polynomials, including factoring of polynomials is included in this course. We will construct and compare linear, quadratic and exponential functions and interpret those functions in terms of the situation they model.  We will use coordinates to prove simple geometric terms algebraically. Finally we will summarize represent and interpret data dealing with one variable, or two variables and quantify the variables.
    Common Core Math 1 students are no longer required to take both the grade level EOG and the Common Core 1 EOC. The EOC will count as 20% of their final grade. This course includes selected 8th grade standards and the Common Core 1 standards.
    In the Science Department:
    Science 8: This year we will be learning about Matter, Earth Systems, Conservation of Energy, Earth’s History, Evolution, Ecosystems ,Functions/Structures of Living Organisms and Molecular Biology. There is an EOG in Science this year as well, so we will be spending the end of the year reviewing for the EOG.
    Earth Science: We will be focusing on Meteorology, Astronomy, the Lithosphere, Environmental Studies, and the Hydrosphere. We will also review for the 8th grade EOG that all students are required to take. Earth Science is a high school credit class, and students will be taking the State Earth Science Exam at the end of the year as well.
    In the Social Studies Department:
    Eighth grade social studies covers American and NC History from Colonization to the 20th Century. The course focus is on having students understand how past economic, social, cultural, and political events in NC and the US has created the state and country they live in today.  Concepts will be taught using a variety of instructional strategies, emphasizing utilization of technology and critical thinking skills.  All concepts taught are aligned with North Carolina Essential Standards and all eligible students will take a state final exam at the end of the course.

    Please check the individual teacher's website for more detailed information.