•  Awards assemblies are held at the end of each Semester. We will hold two formal awards programs. Student of the month awards will be announced on the morning news and distributed in classrooms monthly. Each classroom will also create student centered awards/celebrations.

    1st Semester Awards Assembly

    When: Tuesday,  Jan 31st 2023


    K-1: 8:15-9:15

    2-3: 9:50-10:50

    4-5: 11:00-12:00

    Where: SES Gym

    2nd Semester & End of Year Awards Assembly

    1st & 2nd: Tuesday June 6th, 8:30am

    3rd & 4th: Tuesday June 6th, 9:45am

    Kindergarten: Wednesday June 7th, 8:30am

    5th grade: Thursday June 8th, 8:30am

    Where: SES Gym



Last Modified on June 30, 2022