Jeff Rhodes, Instructor

    4203 Caratoke Highway

    Barco, N.C. 27917

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    Prerequisite: Carpentry I    


    The majority of class time will be involved with the hands-on activities of constructing various projects.  These projects will be supplemented by, but not limited to, the following modules of classroom instruction:




    Students are expected to report to class on time, be in attendance regularly, have a genuine desire to learn what is being taught, respect fellow students, teachers and staff at CCHS and complete assignments on a regular basis.  Periodic and Unit tests will be administered during each unit of instruction.  Students are advised to bring a change of clothes for shop activities and dress according to weather conditions.  A 3-ring binder will be provided to keep handout information and study guides.  Reviewing for tests will generally be the only homework assigned.  This course is aligned with the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).  Upon successful completion the student has the opportunity to be entered into the NCCER National Registry; which is a portable industry-recognized credentialing and certification system.  To learn more you can visit them at www.nccer.org



              1.         Projects                                                                       25%

                2.         Classroom work and notebook                                   25%

                3.         Participation                                                                25%

                4.         Attitudes related to shop safety, interaction with

                            others and the ability to follow instructions.              25%






                A         Superior           100-90

                B         Good                 89-80

                C         Average            79-70

                D         Poor                  69-60

                E          Failing             59 and below


    ATTENDANCE:  With the majority of class time devoted to “hands-on” activities, attendance and participation is vital.  Excessive absences will negatively affect your grade and will be dealt with according to the policy in the student handbook.


    MAKE-UP WORK:  It is the student’s responsibility to initiate make-up work upon return to class. Power hour will be scheduled when necessary to provide time to complete missing assignments.  (Grade Impact of Late Work) 1 day = -10pts.   2 days = -20pts.  3 days = -40pts.  After 3 days = Zero


    TUTORING:  Additional help in the course is available if needed.  Simply request an appointment with the instructor for time to work on any problem areas.


    CLUBS:  Beyond the classroom, you are encouraged to become a part of SKILLS USA, a national vocational student organization with many competition and leadership opportunities.  See the instructor for more details.


    FINAL EXAM: The students will take a state prepared Final Exam that will count as 20% of their final grade.






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