• Zscaler (MCNC)

    Internet Authentication


    Internet authentication requires users to log in when using the internet.  The process allows us to differentiate between the sites students and staff can access.  Students and staff members will be required to log in with the full email address and network password..  The Zscaler login must match the network login of the device being used (a staff Zscaler login cannot be used for a computer that has been logged in with a student network account).
    You will be required to log in to access the internet from each device (desktop, laptop, iPad, smartphone, etc.) and browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari) you use.  You should only be required to do this one time for each device and browser unless you clear the browser settings or the device is restored in some way (imaged, etc.).  
    Your login name is your full school email address. example jdoe@currituck.k12.nc.us.
    The password is your network passwordNOT your email password.

    Verifying Zscaler Login

    If you are having issues accessing websites, you may verify the login utilized to access Zscaler.