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    School Improvement Plan

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    Once you click on the link above, you will need to enter the
    username:  GuestS16031  and password:  GuestS16031 
    Once in the program, click on the second tab, (Reports/Wise Ways/Indicators & Rubrics). Select the link to the Comprehensive Plan in the white box.
    Central Elementary School establishes a School Improvement Team comprised of teachers, teacher assistants, and parents to review data and set goals for improving each year.  Effective school improvement planning contributes to overall school performance by:
    • Establishing an understanding of the “big picture” of a school's current state, including student achievement, school environment, teacher community, parent community, and administrative issues;
    • Reaching consensus across the school community on which needs represent the highest priorities for action based upon the potential to improve overall student and school performance; and
    • Identifying implementation strategies, including specific targets, activities, and milestones required to meet our goals.

    Central’s School Improvement Team meets once per month as a full team to review and discuss data related to school performance.  Student academic data, program area data, resource allocation data are reviewed as part of this planning cycle.  Our school’s strategic plan is based on our performance data as well as an assessment of the 12 key indicators for success (out of the 130 indicators) found within the NCStar school improvement plan system.  

    In keeping with the philosophy that school improvement is a continuous process, our team will meet to review data, modify action steps and create tasks to meet goals throughout the school year.  This process will ensure appropriate steps are taken, with adjustments made to or plans for improvement.  Our school improvement plan is connected to our district’s strategic plan and reflects the needs of our school, based on our data analysis.   
    Beginning Monday, October 23rd through Friday, November 3rd, we will be accepting written feedback on our plan. To access the form to submit written feedback, please click on the above link. 
Last Modified on October 25, 2023