1st Grade Supply List

  • Mrs. Newbern

    1st Grade Supply List



    *1 Composition notebooks (like the black marbled ones but can be a color/design of your choice)

    *2 Pocket folders without prongs (any color or design)

    *12 Large glue sticks

    *6 boxes of 24 pack Crayola crayons

    *Pencils - sharpened (no mechanical pencils)

    *Big pink erasers


    *Pencil box


    *Expo dry erase markers





    First graders use a lot of crayons and glue sticks. Suggestion: buy several of these now while the prices are good.

    They become very expensive later in the year. We have community supplies in our classroom. This means that as the 

    crayons, pencils and glue stick are brought in they are placed in central locations in the room for everyone to use.


Last Modified on August 22, 2019