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                         JP Knapp Animal Club                         


    The JP Knapp students who are members of the Animal Club will partner with our local animal shelter, Currituck Animal Services, and other local rescues.  Students will learn the responsibility of pet ownership, the importance of spay and neutering, and caring for animals who may not have a forever home.

    We will have several fundraisers this year.  We appreciate all the community support that we get for these endeavors. The proceeds from these fundraisers go to a medical fund, adoption fees,  and other needs that animals in our community may have.

    The goal of the club is to visit the animal shelter approximately two times per month during office hours. 

    If you have any questions about the JP Knapp Animal Club please contact Sue Boone, club sponsor, at 252-232-3107 extension 1507.

Last Modified on October 26, 2022