The first 3 weeks of school we will be issuing uniformes.                                        
    Lesson:  Uniform Wear:
    1. List 3 things you think of when you see a person in uniform.
    2. Uniform Wear and restrictions: 
    3. Cadet appearance and grooming standards:
    Samples of Behavior/Main Points:
    1. What does wearing the uniform represent?.
    2. Review appearance and grooming standards from the lesson.
    3. Vocabulary
    Motivation:  Think about a jobe that you must wear a uniform in.
    Tuesday-Cadets will participate in physical training activities.  Perform warm-up exercises (stretches, push-ups, sit-ups), perform a mile conditioning run, and participate in a Team Sport session.
    Wednesday-Cadets will wear their uniforms.  A uniform inspection will be perform on each and every cadet.  They will learn to pay close attention to detail to the Air Force Instructions (AFI) 36-3903, "Appearance of Air Force Personnel."
    Thursday-Cadets will exercise and practice Drill and Ceremonies standards as prescribed in AFMAN 36-2203 on an outdoor drill pad .  Drill and Ceremonies will help Cadets develop teamwork, self-discipline, pride, and esprit de corps and that working together as a team will make them look and feel sharp as they perform at various school and community activities.
    Friday- This day have been set aside for the Cadets to work on any problems they may have in and out of the classroom.  For Example:  Physical Training, Drill and Ceremony, English, Algebra, etc...


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