• A school library contains books intended for students of different ages and maturity levels. 
    For that reason not every book is appropriate for every student.  Any concerns should be directed to the student's teacher(s).


    R&P 3210:  Optional Parental Control / Book Check Out Procedure                                                                                         

    Currituck County Schools recognizes that parents and legal guardians play an important role in guiding their minor children in the voluntary selection of materials from the school library.  These optional procedures are designed for that purpose.  If this form is not completed and returned to the library, students will be allowed to check out materials without parent/guardian review.   These procedures do not apply to instructional materials that are a part of the standard curriculum or assigned by a classroom teacher.  Concerns about such materials may be addressed pursuant to Policy 3210.

    Parents or legal guardians may control the books their students check out from the library in one of three ways.

    OPTION 1.        Parents or legal guardians may generate a list of books the student is allowed to check out.

    OPTION 2.        Parents or legal guardians may generate a list of books the student is not allowed to check out.

    OPTION 3.        Parents or legal guardians may approve or disapprove of each book before it is checked out.  (parent/guardian email required)

    Parents or legal guardians may generate a list of books for options 1 or 2 by accessing the online library catalog at https://currrituck.follettdestiny.com . The book list can be printed and returned with this form. For a video on how to create a book list in Destiny, or to see the books the student currently has checked out, please go to the Currituck County Schools School Library Management System.


    Technical assistance in using the Destiny system is available at each school library.  Parents and legal guardians without Internet access may make an appointment to use school computers to access Destiny and generate book lists and/or review student book selections.

    If the parent chooses option 3, the following procedures will be followed:

    1.       Student takes book to library staff for check out.

    2.       Library staff  emails the title and author to the parent/legal guardian (within 24 hours).  The book stays on the shelf during this time.

    3.       Parent/guardian responds to the email either approving or disapproving the book.

    4.       If the parent/guardian approves the book, library staff will contact the student and check out the book to the student.  The student will not be permitted to check out the book unless and until a parent/guardian specifically approves it.

    Upon receipt of this form and the applicable list (if the parent/guardian selections option 1 or 2), library staff will place a note in the student’s record in Destiny.  This will alert library staff to follow the appropriate procedure before the book is checked out. .

    Parents and legal guardians may also download, to an iPhone,iPad or an Android device, the free app, “Destiny Quest.” Once the app is downloaded, parents/guardians may type in the URL above. By entering the student’s ID and network password, parents/guardians may then determine  which books their student has currently checked out from the library. For a printed list of all books the student has checked out, parents/guardians may email the school library media specialist.

    Parents and legal guardians who wish to enroll their minor children in this program must complete and sign the R&P 3210 Parental Optional Control form and return it to the school’s library media specialist. The form will be kept on file as a confidential student record.

Last Modified on August 20, 2021