• Nurses

    Tips for a healthy school year:
    Encourage students to wash their hands and/or antibacterial handwash.
    Students and adults should cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing
    Use tissues! Then, discard tissues in the trashcan.
    Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that may be contaminated with germs.

    Flu Resources

    Fatalities related to this year’s flu season are on the rise. North Carolina flu season updates, resources and information about vaccination are available at http://www.flu.nc.gov/

    Health Cards- Please return the health cards ASAP! Nurses need this information in order to provide the best care for your child. If your student has a health condition, allergy or medication, there are specific forms that MUST be completed. The forms are located in the student handbook and on the county website.
    Immunization Records - Please be sure you bring in the required immunization record for your child. Kindergarten students will need their shot record and physical forms to their school by September 23, 2015.
    Any other immunizations required upon registration/ enrollment in Currituck County Schools will be discussed when your child is enrolled.
    Please note that all students of Currituck County Schools will need an updated: 
    • "Permission to Administer Medication" form completed by your physician before the school can give any medications.
    • Medication needs to be in the original bottle or box with the RX label and any over the counter medications need to have the students name clearly printed on the container, along with the proper doctor's orders on the package (this includes Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc.).
    • Medication changes require a new doctor's order. Please bring in a note from the doctor. Parents must pick up the old medication if the medication in the nurse's office has been discontinued.
    •  Please keep in mind this is a yearly process. Orders or medications from the previous school year are not kept. The first day of school begins a new year for students, as well as nursing records.
    • The schools and nurses need ALL updated information as soon as it changes so we can provide the best care possible for our students.
    • Consents for the administration of medication are available in the school's main office and the nurse's office. Medication consents are also available on the Currituck County Schools Website. To avoid delays in the administration of medication at school, the consent to administer medication should be provided to the school when the medication is brought to school.

    You are encouraged to contact the school nurse at your child's school if you have any questions regarding the administration of medication at school.

    Let's have a safe and healthy school year!



Last Modified on September 30, 2015