•  Early Entry to Kindergarten

     In the summer of 1997, the North Carolina General Assembly passed HB-1099, allowing early admission to Kindergarten of a child who has reached his/her fourth birthday by April 16 if the child demonstrates extraordinary academic ability and maturity. The state of North Carolina has created standards for the principal to use in determining if a child is appropriate for early entrance to kindergarten. North Carolina State Board policy outlines the criteria used to make the determination; Student Aptitude, Achievement, Performance, Observable Student Behavior/Student Interest and Motivation to Learn/Student Interest.


    Early kindergarten entry should be right for the child. Most children benefit from one more year to develop, while a very few children are socially and developmentally mature enough to be in a structured school setting for a full school day. These children should display a thirst for knowledge consequently pushing their parents for new and challenging learning situations.

    If after careful consideration, you decide that your child may be one of the very few to benefit then you will need to compile the necessary documentation. The legislation states, G.S. 115C-364 , that it is the parent's responsibility to present the required information, which includes arranging and paying for the required testing. The application, criteria, and information on the process can be downloaded by clicking the Early Kindergarten Entry Application.

Last Modified on February 23, 2024