• The Occupational Course of Study (OCS) is one of two courses of study a student with a disability may complete to graduate with a high school diploma in North Carolina.


    The Occupational Course of Study is intended to meet the needs of a small group of students with disabilities who need a modified curriculum that focuses on post-school employment and independent living.

    •The vast majority of students with disabilities will complete the Future-Ready Core Course of Study with the use of accommodations, modifications, supplemental aids and services as needed.

    •The OCS is a modified standard course of study consisting of fifteen courses in English, mathematics, science, social studies, and occupational preparation.

    •Students are also required to complete career/technical education credits, healthful living, and electives, as needed to complete local graduation requirements.

    •Each student must complete 150 hours of school-based vocational training, 225 hours of community-based vocational training, and 225 hours of paid employment.

    •Each student must complete a career portfolio documenting completion of course of study requirements.

    •The IEP Team, which includes parents and the student, makes recommendations as to the appropriateness of the OCS for a particular student based on his/her post-school transition needs and goals.

    The final selection for the OCS is an IEP team decision. 







Last Modified on January 23, 2023