• Unit 1 - Geology

    Atmosphere and Weather

    Thunderstorms! Hurricanes! Tornadoes!!  How do these extreme weather phenomenons occur?  This year you will learn about how the Earth's atmosphere creates our forever changing weather.  Along the way you will also learn how to fine tune your weather forecasting skills. 

      Unit 2 - Biology        

                          Cells, Human Body, and Heredity

     What is a cell?  How do they function?  How do cells affect us?  All these questions will be answered when we explore the microscopic world of cells. Along the way we will be exploring the differences between single-celled and multicellular  organisms.  We will also be looking into how these cells create various bodily function that helps our bodies to work.  Finally, we will try to figure out why we look the way that we do? Where did you get your many different features from?  

    Unit 3 - Physics

    Forces, Motion and Energy
    Have you ever wondered why a skateboard doesn't roll forever?  Why air bags are always a good thing?  How does energy changes forms but never really disappears or gets created?  How many simple machines can you find in a bicycle?  All these questions and more will be answered as we cruise through this unit on forces, motion and energy. 
Last Modified on August 14, 2020