• Questions & Answers regarding Opportunities for Help,
    Homework Expectations, & our Math Curriculum:
    1.  Need additional HELP!?
    WHEN can I receive help outside the classroom?  Knapp is unique in that we offer several opportunities for you to get the help you desire while during the school day... 
    a.  Morning "office hours" 8:00-8:15- no sign up necessary, open door policy.
    b.  Office Hours 11:14-12:07 Tuesday's & Thursday's (you may sign up or be mandated by teacher).
    c.  After school on Friday's 12:40-3:00 with a peer tutor.
    2.  WHY might I be struggling?   
    a.  This is an HONORS math course; expectations are high!
    b.  We move quickly, and if you find yourself falling behind or needing additional practice, you need to attend tutoring & let me know as soon as possible.
    c.  Are you completing your homework & checking/asking questions as we review it?
    d.  Are you actively engaged during class?  Answering questions, asking questions (could be student to teacher or student to student.)
    3.  What are the Math Department homework expectations at JP Knapp (also located on syllabus)?
       Name, Date, & Assignment Information Neatness & Organization  Completion  Terminology & Notation 
     Grade A Homework is titled with your name, date, & assignment information.  The work is presented in a neat, & organized fashion that is easy to read; problems are numbered & answers are clear.  All problems are completed with the proper work shown for each problem.  Correct terminology & notation are always used, making it easy to understand what was done. 
    Homework will be informally graded on the scale above daily.  Remember it is very important that you/your child completes their homework nightly, at A level, to have the opportunity for quiz replacements (see syllabus for more information).
     My personal goal for ALL of my students is that they may be competitive against ALL other students locally, state wide, across the country, as well as world wide!
Last Modified on October 3, 2019