Foods I Syllabus

    Ralf Lang, Instructor

    Career and Technical Education

    rlang@currituck.k12.nc.us  252 453-0014 ext 3063

                                                                      Classroom:C 25 – Lab C 24

    Course Description:  Foods 1 examines the nutritional needs of the individual and the consumer. Emphasis is placed on the relationship of diet to health, food selection, kitchen and meal management and food preparation skills.


    Objectives:  Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

    1)      Select nutritious foods and evaluate food choices

    2)      Work safely with proper sanitation practices

    3)      Express creativity in selection and preparation of various foods 

    4)      Earn proficiency level on the state prepared final exam (IMS) 20 % of final grade


    Prerequisite:  Teen Living suggested     Grade Level:  10-11suggested


    Student Notebook:  Students are strongly recommended to keep a notebook throughout the semester. Students are strongly encouraged to bring a 3 ring 1-2 inch binder and loose leaf paper to use for notes, class handouts, quizzes and projects. Student notebooks will be checked and graded on a regular basis during the semester and it is important to keep them neatly organized.


    Classwork:  Complete any unfinished daily classwork. Study for quizzes and tests.


    Make Up Work: It is the student’s responsibility to initiate make-up work upon return to class.  Work will be given for excused absences documented by the office. POWERTIME will be scheduled when it is necessary to complete assignments, projects, tests or quizzes.


    Attendance Policy: Please refer to student handbook.


    Student Conduct/ Classroom Expectations

    1)      All school rules apply; please refer to the school handbook

    2)      Be respectful of yourself, the Instructor, other students and anything that does not belong to you.

    3)      Be prepared – be in your seat, and ready to begin class when the bell rings.

    4)      Appropriate behavior is expected at all times.

    5)      Lab areas will be checked for neatness and cleanliness prior to dismissal.  Failure to keep your area clean may result in the loss of lab privileges.  You will be asked to help clean the demonstration or measurement areas; to fold towels; or to sweep the floor. 



    Consequences for classroom violations:                  

    Ø      1st Offense:  Verbal warning/conference with teacher                                 

    Ø      2ndOffense:  Phone call home to parent/guardian

    Ø      3rdOffense:  Office referral

    Consequences for lab violations:

     Ø No warnings: iMMEDIATE tERMINATION


    Classroom Grading Policy                           School Grading Scale


    Classwork/Lab            30%                 A         Superior 100-90

    Projects                       30%                 B         Good        89-80

    Quizzes                       15%                 C         Average   79-70

    Tests                            25%                 D         Poor         69-60

                                                                F          Failing      59-0                                              

    *NC State mandatory final exam is worth 20% of the final grade. NO STUDENT CAN BE EXEMPT.      




     Statement of Acknowledgement


    I have reviewed the information included on this syllabus and agree to the terms described including the classroom expectations and the grading scale.


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    Parent/guardian signature__________________________Date_____________________


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