• NC Education Moodle
    NC DPI has organized and created an "Education Moodle" designed to host online learning modules for educators in North Carolina#  This moodle site will provide several courses associated with the rollout and preparation for teaching revised content standards in all curricular areas by 2013.
    Click the link below to visit the NC Education site:


     Logging In 
    Go to the NC Education site and click on "Login". If you have been to the site previously and don't remember your username or password click on the "Forgot your username or password?" link.

    If this is your first time using NC Education and you previously had an account in NC Registration, NC Falcon, or the Writing Instruction System you may already have an account in NC Education.  Try your username and password from one of those systems.
                          Forgot Password???
    If that does not work click on "Account Finder" and follow the directions to search for your account.  If you know you had an account in one of the listed systems but still cannot find your login credentials, click on the "password recovery feature".  Follow the directions to recover your password.

    If none of those steps work or if you have never had an account in one of the other systems, scroll to the bottom of the login page and click on "Create new account." 

    Courses Available

    "Call for Change"
    "Understanding the Standards"
    "NC Falcon"
    (updated for 2011-12)
    "Revised Bloom's Taxonomy"
    "Designing Local Curricula"
    "Instructional Writing Across the Curriculum"


Last Modified on October 10, 2011