• Currituck County's revised Race to the Top Plan was submitted to the NC Department of Public Instruction in August, 2011 and received approval from NC DPI in September.   Below is a copy of our approved plan.

    This plan and scope of work aligns with the State's RttT Plan and focuses on strategies to build capacity in 5 major areas or pillars:
    I.    NC Cloud (State technology infrastructure to allow for the use of "economy of scale" in purchasing programs and applications)
    II.   Quality Standards and Assessments (Curriculum and Assessment Revisions--ACRE Project)
    III.  Great Teachers and Principals (Quality Standards and Evaluation Tools; building Leadership Capacity)
    IV.  Turnaround Lowest Achieving Schools (Currituck is not required to address this section because no schools fall in this category)
    V.   Data Systems to Improve Instruction (Utilizing the State's Instructional Improvement System, EVAAS, and other data sources to improve instruction)
    General Race to the Top Links
Last Modified on February 15, 2012