• Staff Development

    SeaSystem Site  (for teacher sign up)
    SeaSystem Registration Site (for Administrator Activity Creation)
    Sponsor an Activity FORM
    CEUs will be entered into HRMS upon the completion of the initial survey when the activity has been entered into SeaSystem.
    • ALL activities should be entered as DISTRICT SPONSORED activities so they can be tracked and data reported through the system
    • Make sure you correctly enter your email address when signing up and completing surveys!  This links to the automatic posting to HRMS!
    • District events (especially those related to Common Core/Essential Standards or Race to the Top) will be entered and submitted by district personnel. If you don't sign up for CEUs through the CEU registry, don't expect to have the event recorded in HRMS.  
    • School events (free or paid for from school level funds) should be entered into SeaSystem w/sign-in sheets submitted to Central Office.          
    • Activities attended by individuals should receive prior approval by the building administrator/director with certificates of attendance (along with CEU hours awarded) should be submitted to the approving administrator/director.  Administrators should submit to HR on the 1st of each month.
    • A copy of all activities attended should be retained by the individual.
    Please visit the Finance website for Per Diem Rates and Reimbursement Forms.
    All teachers are required to complete 7.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) during their five-year renewal cycle in order to renew their license.
    For more information on local requirements and/or state requirements for license renewal, please visit our
    Human Resources Site, found under Administration.



Last Modified on December 21, 2018