School NurseWelcome to the Health Room
    Dear Central Elementary School Parents and Guardians,
    Welcome to the school year 2019-2020!  I am very excited to start another new year here at Central Elementary.  Please feel free to call or send in a note if you have any questions or have any information that would help me better take care of your child's needs while they are here at school.
    If your child needs a medication that must be administered during school hours I will need a Permission to Administer Medication form signed by yourself and your child's physician along with the medication in the original package.  We will also need an Asthma Action Plan or Allergy Action Plan with all inhalers and epi pens. All medications must be brought to the school by a parent or guardian.  
    Let's have a safe and healthy start to the new school year!
    Jennifer Solley, BSN, RN, NCSN



Last Modified on August 15, 2019