• Good Nutrition is Important to Good Health

    Encourage your youngster to eat nutritious foods and experiment with new foods. 
    Some foods are so healthy that your child can eat them anytime. Others might taste good, but they should only be eaten sometimes because they have more sugar or fat. 
    Healthy Snacks and Unhealthy Snacks
    Help your child understand the difference between low calorie healthy snacks and high calorie unhealthy snacks. 
    Explain that foods like fruits, vegetables, low-fat or fat free yogurt and milk, whole grains and lean meats are nutritious and can be eaten every day. Foods like cookies and chips are high in sugar, fat, or salt. So, your child should eat them once in a while.
    • Eat healthy nutritious food and snacks. 
    • Become physically active.
    • Get involved with your child's activities.
    • Serve healthy meals and snacks and teach them about healthy eating.Food Pyramid  
Last Modified on September 13, 2023