MES second graders are super!!!


    The second grade team is excited to work with our students, and we are dedicated to providing the best educational experiences using a variety of learning tools, facilities and materials. We also strive to provide consistent and helpful communication to our students' families.



    Second grade Science learning focuses on solving problems through inquiry and observation within four major learning units: Life Cycles, Sound, Weather and Properties of Matter.


    Social Studies:

    Second grade Social Studies centers on the idea of community as our children learn about governing by rules and laws, types of communities, geographic features, economics, and cultural similarities/differences of places near and far and how people interact with their environment. History is also integrated as our lessons include the people, places and events in our country.



    Second graders' Math learning is emphasized through hands-on instruction, mathematical language and higher order thinking activities. They will be learning a wide variety of Math skills that include:
         **counting and comparing numbers to 1,000
         **learning basic facts
         **addition/subtraction of 2 & 3 digit numbers
         **multiplication and division using equal/fair shares
         **place value to 1,000's
         **decoding and solving word problems
         **measurement of time, weight, length
         **counting money
         **identifying the names and characteristics of geometric figures
         **interpreting and building graphs
         **reading and building fractions using equal/fair shares



    Language Arts:

    Our independent second graders practice their Reading and Writing skills each day as they learn the responsibilities and experience the pleasures of exploring a variety of literature genres and text features, stretch their comprehension levels, participate in literature discussions, and use their school, life and social experiences to follow the writing process as they produce a variety of subject integrated projects.



    ** Wear appropriate shoes on PE days.

    ** Please be sure to check your child's book bag and Daily Folder every day to find important homework, school notices and learning materials.
     **Send in transportation notes each time there is a change in their afternoon transportation.  Include: Child’s FULL name,   Parent’s Name, Child’s teacher, Full address where the child is to be dropped off and bus number (if known),   Name of the adult that will be meeting your child and bus, and Telephone number where you may be reached.

Last Modified on August 24, 2022