Mrs. D's Policies and Procedures


    H. DeCastillia

    Science Syllabus



    Introduction: Welcome to 7th grade. I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing summer! I am looking forward to an exciting new school year and having all you in my classes.  This year my students will be doing an interactive notebook online as well as regular spiral notebook.

      In School  Required Supplies:                                                                     Virtual Supplies

    1- 3 subject notebook                                                                     Whiteboard (size of notebook paper)

    Pencils (Mechanical Pencils would be best)                                        Expo marker

    Colored Pencils                                                                               Headphones/earbuds

    Highlighters                                                                                   Mouse


    Hand Sanitizers

     Index Cards

    *Course Description:

    This year your child will be studying the various areas in Science. We will begin with Geology focusing on weather and earth’s atmosphere. We will then move onto Biology concentrating on cell basics and genetics. We will end our course study with Physics studying forces, motion, simple machines and energy.


    Throughout the year I do update from day-to-day what your child will be doing in class on my webpage. Just simply go to the Currituck County Public School website and fine the drop down arrow to show the different schools. Choose Moyock Middle School and then go to the tab that says Teacher Pages and find my name. Once you get to my page look on the right side and you will see a tab for calendar and click on it. There you will find the day-to-day plan. You can also see up and coming tests on my webpage as well as just by clicking on the tab that states Test/quiz dates.

    *Classroom Rules:

    1. Be on time, listen, follow all directions, and rules.

    2. Come to class prepared and positive about learning

    3.  Stay on task, participate, and do your best

    4.  Respect others' differences.

    4. Be engaged in remote learning.


    Student Expectations and Guidelines for Participation:

    • Abide by Currituck County Schools’ Acceptable Use Policy.
    • School appropriate dress is required during participation at all times.
    • Polite and professional language shall be used at all times.
    • Please attempt to keep background noise and distractions to a minimum.
    • Attempt to select an area in your home with enough space for necessary items - books, notebooks, computer, etc.
    • Promptly exit the meeting when the meeting time is over. Your instructor will be the first one on and the last one out of the meeting.
    • Give your best effort online as you would in the classroom.
    • You do not need to put your camera on if you do not want to do so.


    Before the Meeting:

    • Find a comfortable spot to sit. It is best to keep your device on a steady surface if possible. Make sure your background is school friendly.


    When the Meeting Starts:

    • Mute your device by clicking the microphone button. Sessions will be recorded, turn your camera off if you do not want to be seen.


    During the Meeting:

    • Be patient, this is a learning experience for everyone.
    • Be engaged. Nod or give thumbs up when others are speaking.
    • Unmute your microphone when your teacher asks you to talk. Mute your device again when you are done speaking.
    • Even though we are not in our school building, our school rules and expectations still apply.


    When the Meeting is Over:

    • When your meeting time is over, it is expected that you promptly exit the meeting. Your instructor will be the first person in the meeting and the last one to exit.

     *Parent/Teacher Communication:

    The main objective is to help your child achieve success in all academic areas. To ensure this, I feel that regular communication between parents and teachers is necessary. Below is a list of methods of communication that we will use throughout the year.

    1.      E-mail: hdecastillia@currituck.k12.nc.us 

    Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns. I will get back with you within 24 hours.

    2.      Phone Calls: I will make phone calls as needed to parents. The best time to reach me is between 9:55-11:30am. You can always call at another time to leave a voice mail and I will return your call as soon as possible. (252) 435-2566 ext. 9011










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