In the first 9 weeks we will be looking at establishing expectations and procedures in the classroom. In addition, we will be talking about:

    - Forms of Government (throughout the year)

    - 9/11 (Terrorism)

    - The meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance (Civic Duty)

    - The Middle Ages (brief recap from 6th Grade)

    - The Renaissance

    - The Reformation

    - Age of Exploration

    - The Scientific Revolution 


    We will also be developing and improving reading, writing and comprehension skills as well as integrating the Chromebooks into our activities.


    In the Second Nine Weeks are focus will be on:

    -The Enlightenment

    -The American Revolution

    -The French Revolution


    The Third Nine Weeks will see our focus shift to the modern era with the following topics:

    -The Industrial Revolution

    -The Scramble for Africa and Imperialism

    -The events leading the world to war in 1914 (World War One)

    -World War One's battles as well as the economic, political and human costs of the war


    For the Fourth Nine Weeks we will look at the major events that have shaped our world in the past 80 years starting with World War Two. Those topics will include (but are not limited to):

    -The Holocaust and Racisim

    -The formation of world organizations such as the Red Cross, the World Health Organization and the United Nations.

    -The effects of poverty.


    In addition to these various topics, we will try to understand them as we put them into a perspective that we can relate to:

    -young adults

    -as people living in Currituck County

    -as residence of North Carolina

    -citizens of the United States 

    -participants in our own futures


    Join us for the journey this year!!

Last Modified on August 20, 2021