Welcome To The 2018-2019 FBLA Page!
    Thank you for your interest in Moyock Middle School FBLA. We are a very proud group of students who work hard, play hard, and learn to be the leaders of tomorrow. We will have a booth at the Open House, with information on how to sign up. Dues are $20 this year and these dues cover state, national and local dues. Our local dues help pay for competitions such as the stock market game and regional competitive events. It also helps pay for our celebrations such as our Christmas party and our End of the Year cookout.
    Our FBLA is very active. Here are a few items you may be interested in knowing of the MMS FBLA Delegates:
    • We are a Gold Seal Chapter of Excellence- only a select few are chosen for the year. This is our 3rd year with this distinction.
    • We have had students placed in the National Stock Market Game for the last 5 years. We placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, in the nation in the Middle School Game the last time playing and have placed 8 times in the 4 games we have played.
    • We have a yearly food drive in which we average food for a week for 8 families each year. In addition, we send the extra food to the food pantry in Currituck and help with over 100 lbs of food yearly.
    • We compete at Regional and State Competitions. The results of the most recent trip are posted below.
    • We participate in the national Middle Level Achievement Program in which the students complete projects to earn National Recognition.
    • We do fundraisers to help defer the costs of all trips.
    • We do community service each year with the food drive and the March of Dimes (our national service partner.)
    • We have the best parties!
    If you are interested in joining FBLA, please come to our booth at open house, email Mrs. West at juliewest@currituck.k12.nc.us, email Mrs. Frazier at meganfrazier@currituck.k12.nc.us or stop by our classrooms. We would love to help you to become the next Future Business Leader.
    Fall National Stock Market Winners!
    • 1st Place- Callie Fields and Tyler Babcock 
    • 2nd Place- Damon Duke

    Congatulations to these students on their excellent work!



    Results from our  State Leadership Conference on 3/21


    Here you go with our winners!

    Chapter Awards

    Gold Seal Chapter Award of Merit

    Largest FBLA Chapter Eastern Region ML

    Largest FBLA Chapter State ML

    Recognition Testing

    Top 10 Microsoft Office - Ty West

    Individual and Team Events

    3rd Place Cheer/Chant- Caelyn Mccurley, Ashlyn Robinson and Tayler Woyer
    Top 10 Business Communication - Mollie Lanigan 
    Top 10 Business Concepts - Tyler Stone
    Top 10 Business Math & Financial Literacy - Garrett Hartmann 
    Top 10 Career Exploration - Sarah Ford
    Top 10 Career Exploration - Rachel Belue
    Top 10 Computer Slide Show - Ty West and Ashlynn Robinson
    1st Place Desktop Publishing - Aidan Vanmiddleworth
    2nd Place Desktop Publishing - Victoria Burleson
    4th Place Desktop Publishing - Makayla Tierney
    3rd Place Elevator Speech - Mia Baker-Spruill
    Top 10 Elevator Speech - Charlie Doud
    Top 10 Impromptu Speaking - Genesis Drake
    Top 10 Impromptu Speaking - NeVear Watts
    Top 10 Intro Business Communication - Makenna Cartwright
    Top 10 Intro Business Communication - Samantha O'Brien
    2nd Place Keyboarding Applications II - Collin McInerney
    Top 10 Public Speaking - Mazy Cannon

    Results from the Eastern Region Competitive Events Jan. 13, 2018 


    General Business Knowledge – Top 10 Anita Lin, 2nd place- Tristan Old, 4th Place- Rachel Belue

    Personal Finance- Top 10 Tristan Old, Sarah Ford, 4th Serenity Behrens, 3rd Madison Bowyer, 2nd Place- Rachel Belue

    Social Media- Top 10 Sarah Ford, Serenity Behrens, Rachel Belue, Madison Bowyer, 3rd Place Mollie Lanigan, 2nd Place Tristan Old

    Microsoft Office- Top 10 Serenity Behrens, Madison Bowyer, 3rd Place Tristan Old, 1st Place Sarah Ford


    2nd Place T-Shirt Design- Abigail Turner, Victoria Burleson, Ella Carroll


    1st Place- Spirit Cheer Chant- Ashlyn Robinson, Caelan McCurley, Tayler Woyer


    2nd Place in Business Math - Garrett Hartmann


    1st Place Exploring Careers - Sarah Ford

    2nd Place Exploring Careers - Rachel Belue


    1st Place Elevator Speech - Mia Baker Spruill 

    2nd Place Elevator Speech - Charles Doud


    1st Place FBLA Creed - Tristan Old

    2nd Place FBLA Creed - Merrick Sanders


    1st Place Business Communications – Serenity Behrens

    2nd Place Business Communications - McKenna Cartwright

    3rd Place Business Communications – Samantha O’Brien


    1st Place Public Speaking - Madison Bowyer 

    3rd Place Public Speaking - Mazlyn Connon

    Awards from States 2017!!!!     
                         Taylor McCarthy- Eastern Region Vice President 
                            MMS Goal Seal Chapter of Excellence
    Caelan McCurley and Victoria Ammons- 2nd place in Spirit Cheer and Chant 
    Sarah Valentine, Tara Blazier,  Bethany French, and Serenity Behrens- Top 10 Business Career
    Treacy Collier- 2nd place Business Computer Technology
    Aidan West- 2nd place Business Concepts 
    Emily Carroll- Top 10 Business Concepts
    Chevi Worrell- 3rd Career Exploration
    Alexis Tulli- 3rd place Community Service
    Ty West, Tristain and Cole Spinato- Top 10 Computer Slideshow
    Abby Buck, and Mckenna Cartwright- Top 10 Desktop Publishing  
    Taylor McCarthy- Top 10 FBLA Creed
    Charlie Doud and Alexis Tulli- Top 10 Impromptu Speaking
    Kacy Cox- 2nd Impromptu Speaking
    Sarah Valentine and Tara Blazier- Top 10 Introduction to Business Communications
    Colin Mclnereny- 2nd place Keyboard Applications 1
    Serninty Behrens- Top 10 Keyboard Applications 2
    Katarina Keffer- 2nd Parliamentary Procedure
    Ezperanza Palimado and Madison Hamiliton- Top 10 Public Speaking
    Bethany French and Blake Porter- Top 10 Spreadsheet  
    Congratulations to all students who attended and competed at last years State Leadership Conference! 
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