• College of the Albemarle Programs for High School Students

    College of the Albemarle works in partnership with Currituck County Schools to provide enriched educational opportunities to qualified students.  These include the Huskins Bill, Dual Enrollment, and Learn and Earn Online (LEO) programs.  While this program offers advanced students a tremendous opportunity to learn material and skills outside of the normal high school offerings, it will require the student to perform work at the college level.  Assignments, tests, and projects will be on the same level as those given to COA students in a traditional college class.  College credit and grades are recorded on the student's permanent college transcript as well as their high school transcript.  With this in mind, interested students should be mature and serious about their studies.

    Students enrolled in these programs are expected to:
    • Attend class on time.  Students who miss more than 10% of a class may be removed from the class for lack of participation.  This will result in a grade of "W" for "F" issued by the college and possibly the high school.  This includes online classes as well as traditional face-to-face classes.  This grade will remain on the student's permanent COA transcript.
    • Be prepared.  This means the student arrives to class with the necessary materials to take notes and complete assignments.
    • Complete all assignments on time.  Homework is not optional.
    • Exhibit appropriate behavior and attitude in class and on campus.
    • Follow rules and policies as outlined in the COA Catalog, Secondary Education Handbook, and any corresponding high school policy handbook.
    If you are interested in taking courses from COA, please contact your high school counselor or a contact below.

    High School Articulation

    Students can also earn college credits through High School Articulation.  The North Carolina Community College System in conjunction with the Department of Public Education has created a statewide agreement awarding of college credit for identified high school courses. For high school students to receive articulation credit, they must: (a) receive a B or above in the identified high school course, (b) score a minimum of 80 on the IMS assessment for that course, and (c) enroll at College of The Albemarle within two years after high school graduation.  For a list of these courses, click here.  Also, students who receive a score of 3 or higher on Advanced Placement examinations in high school may be given academic credit for corresponding college courses.  For a list of these courses, click here.

    The Central Office of the Currituck County Schools submits at the end of each semester the required paperwork for students to receive articulated credits.

Last Modified on June 9, 2021