Medication Information

  • All medical orders need to be renewed at the beginning of a school year. Please ensure you coordinate with your medical provider to renew documents.
    Per school board policy, NO SCHOOL MAY ADMINISTER ANY MEDICATION WHICH INCLUDES BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO; TYLENOL, IBUPROFEN, ANY PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION.  If at any time a student will require medication to be taken during school hours, they MUST have a Permission to Administer Medication Form filled out by a physician & signed by parent/guardian. There are NO exceptions to this policy.
    Students may self-carry and administer their own medications provided there is a medication administration form AND self-medication contract signed by a parent/guardian and physician on file with the nurse AND the student has demonstrated the skill level necessary to use the medication in an appropriate and responsible manner to the school nurse or nurse's designee. If students are caught with any medication on their person without the proper forms on file, they will face disciplinary actions up to or including suspension, as determined by School Administrators.
    Please print the form(s) from the link below and take it with you to your child's physician if any medication needs to be taken at school. You may return this to the school nurse, the front office or the physician may fax it over for you. 
    *All medications, including over-the-counter, must be in the original labeled container.*

    In addition to the forms below: 
    • For students with ASTHMA: If a rescue inhaler is needed at school, please bring in the medication in it's original labeled package with an Asthma Action Plan signed by parent/guardian & physician.  If an aero-chamber or mask is used, that will need to be provided as well.
    • For students with severe ALLERGIES: If an epi-pen is needed at school, please bring in the medication in it's original labeled package with an Allergy Action Plan signed by parent/guardian & physician.