With Quill, students will be practicing grammar. It also helps build writing and language skills as well as practice in reading comprehension. It is a fun platform kids love to use. Shhhhh!!!!! They don't even know they are learning. HEHEHEHEHE
    No Red Ink
    No Red Ink is a writing platform designed to highlight a student's needs in writing and give appropriate, additional instruction, practice and feedback to help them become better writers. Better writing skills also translate into being able to communicate better as a young adult and, later, in the workplace. I will be using it to help me isolate your child's needs better so I can work with them one on one to improve their skills.



    I am excited about this reading tool that will help our students narrow in on problematic gaps in their reading fluency, vocabulary usage and comprehension. As with any program, it is best used as a tool, NOT a stand-alone babysiter. I will be using eSpark to help your child with their reading and aiding them in understanding what they are reading. 


    Our Focus for 6th Grade English Language Arts: (SOON)

    • First Nine Weeks:
    • Second Nine Weeks
    • Third Nine Weeks
    • Fourth Nine Weeks



Last Modified on August 26, 2022