• Brian Markwood
    Language Arts and Inclusion EC
    Yearbook Sponsor 
    Room 101
    Brian and Becky
     Contact Information:
    Email:  bmarkwood@currituck.k12.nc.us
    Phone:  252.435.2566 ext. 9009
    Office Hours:  3:45 - 4:45 Monday or by appointment when needed.
    Hello and welcome to my page!  My name is Brian Markwood and I'm one of the Exceptional Children teachers you will find here at Moyock Middle School.  I am also the MMS Yearbook Sponsor and I absolutely love being able to create that memory for our students!  As I feel that it's just as important for you all to know about me as it is for me to know about your children, allow me to tell you a little bit about how I came to arrive here in Currituck County.
    About Me:
    I'm originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and am a lifelong fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team.  I graduated from Penn State University in 2008 with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in English and a minor in Psychology, and then I graduated from California University of Pennsylvania in 2011 with a Master's degree in Special Education with an additional certification for English 6 - 12.  This is my fifth year here at Moyock Middle School and I absolutely love it.   My wife and I have a plethora of animals.  We have five "kids", a Brittany Spaniel named Owen, a Sheltie named Burke, a white cat named Elsa, an orange cat named Finn, and a black kitten named Luna.
    Thank you for welcoming me into your school and community, and I assure you that I will do everything in my power to provide the best possible education for your children! 
    Attached is a copy of my syllabus:

    Classroom Expectations:

    • Be on time and prepared for class EVERY day, which means having a pencil, charged Chromebook, and paper along with anything else I tell you that you’ll need.
    • Raise your hand to speak and do not interrupt others.
    • Show respect to your classmates as well as your teacher at ALL times.  Bullying absolutely WILL NOT be tolerated.
    • Complete all work that is given to you.  You are also required to complete makeup work when you are absent.  This is your responsibility.
    • Food, drinks, and gum are NOT ALLOWED in the classroom.  There are NO exceptions!
    • There will be a sign-out form for leaving the classroom.  Each student is limited to leave the room NO MORE than once per day.  Abuse of this policy will result in a loss of privileges.
    • Keep your work area neat and clean.  NO ONE will be permitted to leave the classroom until it is as tidy as it was when you entered.
    • Cell phones are ABSOLUTELY not allowed in any room at MMS, and my classroom is no different.  I operate under the policy of “see it, hear it, take it”, which means if I hear or see your phone, I take it.  The first offense will result in me holding it until the end of the day and notifying parents that I took your phone, the second offense will result in me turning it into the office and then notifying parents, and a third offense will result in a write-up as well as turning in the phone.  Please leave your phones in a LOCKED locker while at school.


    Grading Scale:

    90 - 100


    80 - 89


    70 - 79


    60 - 69


    Below 60



    Latework/Zero Policy


    Students have five days to complete missed assignments. Each day, after the initial due date, a student will receive a 10% deduction from the grade for each day the work is late. 


    Course Work


    This year I am teaching pull-out Language Arts for grades 6, 7, and 8.  We will be using a variety of programs and activities throughout this year that will make up your grade.


    Daily Writing Journal:  We will be maintaining a Daily Writing Journal this year.  These will be worth a maximum of 10 points per day.


    Vocabulary:  We will be incorporating vocabulary into our daily lessons this year.  You will then be tested on these words. I will notify you of any upcoming vocabulary tests.


    Literature Circles:  We will be utilizing literature circles this year to increase our ability to comprehend what we read.  These will be explained to you in detail before we begin using them.


    Reading Requirements:  We will have Reading Requirements that will be due EVERY 9 weeks grading period.  We will be working closely with Mrs. Renner in the Media Center for these, and you will be given some class time to work on these, but you may be required to work on these in your own time as well.

    Other Programs:  Throughout the year we will be using a plethora of other Language Arts related programs.  Some of these include ReadTheory, ActivelyLearn, Edmodo, Everyday Edits, Quizlet, easyCBM, NewsELA, and others.  Details about any of these programs will be shared with you before we begin using any of them.

    Classroom Management

    We will be following a discipline system known as “Three Strikes, You’re Out!”.  In this, the student will be given several opportunities to correct his or her behavior before the implementation of the system begins.  The levels are as follows:

    Strike One - this is given after several prompts to correct the inappropriate behavior.  At this level, the student is simply given a verbal warning to stop said behavior and to return to the task at hand.

    Strike Two - at this level, the student makes a phone call home to explain his or her inappropriate behavior.

    Strike Three - at this level, the student is bounced from the classroom.  After three bounces, the student will receive an automatic referral.

Last Modified on February 5, 2020