• Welcome To Math 3 and Precalculus


    Email: dphillips@currituck.k12.nc.us


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    Hello! Welcome to Math 3 and Precalculus. I'm very excited to join my new Spartan family and begin this new adventure. I hold a bachelor's of science in mathematics and this will be my 6th year of teaching. Before joining the JPK, I taught at Pasquotank County high school. During my 5.5 years there, I taught Math 3, Math 4 and Math 1. Before I began my journey in teaching, I was a carpenters' assistant and built cabinets, I was in the Navy for a brief time as a Nuclear Machineistmate, and I have worked as a manger for Little Ceasars on and off the last 10 years and even ran a store for them. 

    About Me:

    I grew up in Newport News, VA. Me and my family moved to Elizabeth City when I was 13 and I still reside there with my wife and 3 cats. When I'm not working, I enjoy lounging on my couch playing video games, or swimming and camping. My favorite food right now is Thai food and I currently run on Coffee and Monsters.

    What kind of teacher am I?

    When students ask me if I wanted to be a teacher when I was younger, I always say "no, I never even imagined doing this job". However, even though it wasn't in my original thoughts of what my job growing up would be, it is hands down the best one I have ever had and the place where I feel I most belong. I am one of those people who will give their all to their students to make sure they succeed not only in school but with whatever comes next for them. I always tell my students that I'm a work aholic I spend long hours before school and after school making sure that lessons will be engaging and purposeful. If you or your student ever have questions please reach out and let me know.