Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Jennifer Sawyer

Hello!  I am teaching 8th grade math at Currituck County Middle School.  I graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1991 with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Secondary Math, summa cum laude.  I taught math at Currituck County High School from 1991-2000 and then homeschooled my children from 2000-2021.  I look forward to teaching math to students in Currituck this year.

We will start class each day with a warm up to practice skills. Then we will transition to new learning followed by classwork time to practice what we have learned.  Classwork assignments are given in Delta Math. Delta Math assignments have unlimited attempts. The goal is to achieve a score of 100% on all classwork.  While students are given ample time during class to complete the Delta Math assignments, parents can always check on their students progress to make sure that 100% achievement has been mastered on each assignment. 

Students also have a chance to organize their work (notes, examples, warm ups/practice) in a portfolio that is kept in the classroom.  This work serves as a ready reference and shows examples of each type of problem.  The portfolio grade is given each unit and counts as a quiz grade.  Mastery will be measured each unit through district wide Unit Tests.  

We will use Dream Box to fill in gaps in mastery.  The goal is for each student to complete at least five Dream Box lessons each week.