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Read to Achieve School and Teacher Resources Livebinder with information and resources for implementing Read to Achieve legislation  Elem
READY resources

The new Common Core State Standards and the Essential Standards will become the new Standard Course of Study. In addition, the READY Accountability Model will ensure a more accurate picture of how well students are learning, and where we must make improvements. This website was created to give teachers, principals and parents the resources and references they must have to ensure that students are achieving at their highest possible levels


 NC Education Site (Online Modules)  Online Modules for Understanding Standards and Implementing Common Core/Essential Standards


 NC DPI Weekly Updates for RttT  
 Archived weekly updates can be found at this link.  Information includes all aspects of Race to the Top initiatives, including the implementation of Common Core/Essential Standards.ALL
 All Thngs PLC Online Resources Data analysis protocol form and other tools to help focus on the BIG 4 Questions of the PLC  ALL
 NC DPI Wiki Central LinkThis link will take you to all of DPI's Wikis where you will find resources for implementing Common Core/Essential Standards for ALL subject areas


Region 1 Wiki siteInformation from OUR Regional Trainings and Resources created by Regional schools and teachers.


Region 7 Wiki site
This link is to the Region 7's work on CC/ES and shares other districts' pacing and mapping work.   


Region 8 Wiki site
 This link shares information and resources collected by colleagues in the Western RESA--Region 8
NC Educator Evaluation Wiki
This site hosts tutorials and information pertaining to the online evaluation instrument as well as training materials on the evaluation standards for both teachers and principals   


 PLC resources--including the Data Analysis Protocol form for focusing PLCs on the BIG 4 essential questions ALL ASCD Common Core Lessons and resources for ELA and Math ALL
DPI ELA Updates/Resources for Writing February ELA SCOOP, an update on resources and lessons for ELA, featuring writing focus in CC.
CK12  Online, free textbooks and instructional resources for teachers (and students) 
Achieve the Core Achieve the Core:  Online professional development modules and resources for implementing the Common Core standards/shifts in ELA and MathALL 
 Common Core Math Support VideosThe Common Core State Standards (CCSS) videos are designed to support states, schools, and teachers in the implementation of the CCSS. The videos were created in collaboration with the states in the Southeast Comprehensive Center region based on their needs for professional development support for the implementation of the Common Core State Standards. Each video is an audiovisual resource that focuses on one or more specific standards and usually includes examples/illustrations geared to enhancing understanding. The intent of each content-focused video is to clarify the meaning of the individual standard rather than to be a guide on how to teach each standard, although the examples can be adapted for instructional use.ALL 
 Meredith College:  Math I, II, III Resources Lessons and activities aligned with teaching Math I, Math II, and Math III Common Core Objectives 
 CC Math Tasks by Dan MeyerLink to a list of video tasks aligned with CC Math by Dan Meyer. 
 CC Math Tasks for Grades 6-8Link to math tasks aligned to the Common Core, including teacher instructions and rubrics 
 CC Math Practice Charts (K-8) Charts that illustrate the Common Core Math Practices and put them into student "I Can" statement terms. 
 STEM Formative Assessments

The strategies for investigating student learning identified on this site provides different types of data from and about students. Many of these approaches are also suitable to use as homework assignments.  It is appropriate to include the work generated through formative assessments in the comprehensive assessment system used to evaluate student performance.



IMPS Samples of Common Core Math Practices implementation in action  
 Videos:  Exemplar Math Lessons
 The website has a library of videos, from different grade levels, illustrating exemplary lessons using the Common Core in Math. K-12 MATH
 ELA Exemplar TextsEnglish Language Arts Exemplar Texts--live links to works that can be used in the classroom for instructionK-12 ELA  
 Link to a "self study" of the Common Core ELA standards and instructional practices associated with "close reading" of complex texts
ELA CC Resource Livebinder 
 Link to a Live Binder of resources linked to implementing the Common Core for ELAALL

 Common Core Videos and Lessons The Teaching Channel website has several introductory videos featuring schools that have piloted the Common Core implementation; lessons are also available


"Explore the LOR"  NC Learning Object RepositoryThis site has a MULTITUDE of interactive resources for integrating 21st Century skills and common core/essential standards specific to North Carolina.


 21st Century Tools Daily updates on relevant teaching topics; downloads and other resources


21st Century Skills MapThis links to documents created throught Partnership for 21st Century Skills which provides specific examples of student outcomes for 21st Century Skills as related to a variety of discipline areas.  GREAT IDEAS!ALL
 46 Digital Resources for Back to School Back to school digital resources   ALL 
 Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners
 This site has a wide variety of web 2.0 tools, including resources for "digital differentiation" and "cool tools" for collaboration and integrating technology.
Common Core Instructional ShiftsEngageNY hosts a video series where developers of the Common Core share insights to the instructional shifts that must take place in order to implement the new standards in English Language Arts (including standards for content area courses) and Math.


 Hunt Institute Videos Discussing Shifts
The Council of Chief Sate School Officials commissioned the Hunt Institute to create a number of videos where developers of Common Core discuss shifts and some specific changes evident in the Common Core standards.
Engage NY Exemplar Units
Exemplar units for Common Core ELA/Math posted by EngageNY


SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium

Sample Assessments from SBAC

Smarter Balanced is creating online (computer adaptive) assessments for the Common Core. Sample questions for assessments aligned with the Common Core (ELA and MATH) are included as a separate posting.


Khan Academy Online LessonsLesson demonstrations on a WIDE variety of subjects


Online Math and ELA resources aligned with Common Core; account set up is required to access FREE portions of the site. Search "Common Core" 
ClassConnect is a wonderful new tool for teachers!  Find lessons aligned with the Common Core and add your own websites, online videos, Google Docs, files & more!  Organize & Store  All of your lessons stay here until you delete them, so say goodbye to re- uploading your lessons every semester.  Share & Collaborate  It takes just a click to share with students, parents & colleagues. They automatically get notified when changes are made.


SophiaOnline teacher resources for all subject areas


Inquiry-Based HS Math Resource IdeasBlog site created by New Tech Network Math Coach, Jeff Krall, includes ideas for inquiry-based units for Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Cal, etc.

HS Math   Problem Based Learning resources and videos


K-5 Math Resources
This is a GREAT site to visit and find grade specific, standards based instructional tools and lessons!

K-5 Math

Mastery ConnectAn online tracking tool for mastering Common Core standards.  Requires an account set up~basic access is free!


CPMP Tool         Download for Math Teachers (Algebra and Geometry models and functions)

Secondary Math

Problems with a PointYou can search this site's mathematical problem sequences for grades 6-12. These problem sequences are designed to help your students develop both deep conceptual mathematical understandings and technical skills.

6-12 Math

Balanced Assessments (MARS)Performance based sample assessments (similar to what is being developed by the SMARTER Balanced Consortium)

ALL Math

Document with Web Resources by Subject/GradeThis document has a list of a variety of web resources that have been collected by teachers relating to specific subject areas and grade levels.  (This will be updated frequently!!!)


Common Core Essential Standards UPDATE webinar listsThis is a list of curriculum update webinars that are being sponsored by DPI


This is a great site for finding history lessons and resources

Upper Elem. Middle SS teachers

Fraction Lessons
Math resources for developing fraction concepts K - 8

K-8 Math Teachers

Graphic organizers linked to CC
DPI's released draft graphic organizers correlating to thinking skills within the Common Core in ELA and Math.


 Foldables Wiki Site
 This site has video demonstrations on how to make a variety of "foldables "for engaging students in thinking.  

Revised Bloom's Resources

This Revised Bloom's website with some good links with downloadable classroom posters, planning framework documents, a power point review, mini units with activities in science, math (fractions, money, multiplication, 3D figures), and activities that support the higher levels of thinking.

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