Here are some websites that I have found with many great resources. I have tried to break them down into categories for ease of use. If you find a link that is not operating please let me know at:


This page is for student centers (K-5). There are a lot of ideas here. You can hit the home button while on this page for different reading resources as well.

Here is another great resource for reading ideas. There are printable tips for parents and much more.

Here are two great sites for poetry. There are lots of poems and activities.

This is a great site for math concepts.

A lot of math concepts here ~ there are even videos to demonstrate! Great for "SMARTboarding" too!

Social Studies

You'll be here awhile!

A great 3-5 resource for teaching government related concepts.

This is a live binder for 5th grade NC teachers!

This is a site all about simple machines.


There are a lot of resources at this site:

Here are some more great activities.

Wow! Talk about a little bit of everything... you HAVE to check this one out! Be prepared to spend quite some time on this one.

Check out this site with TONS of PowerPoint presentations that can be used with your SMARTboard too! You'll be here awhile as well!

A great resource for interactive learning games for your students.

Here's another one that you'll need a long time to go through.There are a lot of things to use here.

A great fact learning site for kids about animals and much more!

A site full of learning games!