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Welcome to J.P. Knapp Early College

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Welcome to the J.P. Knapp Early College High School!
The J.P. Knapp Early College High School is a collaborator with the College of the Albemarle and other community colleges around the state.  Our school's work is a part of the Early College Learn and Earn initiative. The early college provides a rigorous, relevant, responsive environment blended with a unique learning environment. The culminating educational experience will provide students with both a North Carolina high school diploma and transferable college credits.  Students attend within a four to five year early college high school experience.
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Mobile dentist  
Mobile Dentist to Visit Knapp
Here are the highlights:
  • Dentist is right on site at Knapp - no missed school for a dental appointment!
  • Date is 9/19/16 - Dentist wil start at 0830.
  • Permission slips will be sent home with all students.
  • If student has private insurance and/or Medicaid Mobile Dentist will submit insurance forms for reimbursement   
  • If no insurance, a $56 fee (payable by check or money order) will pay for a dental screening (including X-rays), a cleaning and a flouride treatment.
  • If parent cannot pay fee, parents may request donated care to cover the cost of the services above.
  • Permission forms MUST be completed/signed by a parent or guardian for services to be rendered.
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